Goals Overview

  • The obvious goal of orthodontic treatment is straight teeth.
  • The more comprehensive goals of orthodontic treatment is to optimize the aesthetics of the face, provide a functional, comfortable and stable bite, and improve related aspects of health and function such as chewing, swallowing, sleep, breathing, and speech among others.
  • This includes directing the growth of the jaws for a pleasing profile, proper facial balance and symmetry along with providing proper lip support.
  • The esthetics of the face also includes muscle balance that provides a pleasing smile line and the relaxation of the muscles of facial expression at rest.
  • The fit of the bite is important for proper biting and chewing function.
  • Stability of the bite is a critical goal of treatment as significant relapse of the bite correction removes much of the value of orthodontic treatment.
  • Improvements in related aspects of health and function with orthodontic treatment are not generally well understood but are sometimes tremendously important.
  • Orthodontic treatment is connected with allergies, breathing, sleep, digestive issues, attention issues, speech, posture, oral habits, eating issues, tongue tie, jaw joint problems, facial pain and headaches.