• Braces are what most people think of when they consider orthodontics.Braces consist of brackets that are glued to the outside surface of the teeth and an archwire that is attached to these brackets.
  • The bracket is like a handle placed on the tooth and the archwire provides the light force through these bracket “handles” to the teeth in order to move the teeth.With self-ligating brackets the archwire is held into the brackets with a sliding clip that holds it in place.
  • With the self-ligating brackets there is no need for elastics and oral hygiene is somewhat easier without the elastics.
  • Brackets are available in metal, tooth coloured ceramic, or tooth coloured plastic.
  • The tooth coloured braces can blend in nicely with the teeth and don’t show as obviously that you have braces. One downside of the tooth coloured braces is that when food gets stuck on them it is really visible so you have to brush your teeth frequently and carefully.
  • The research into various types of brackets regarding efficiency, comfort, and speed of treatment are quite variable and some current studies show that there is not a great difference in speed of treatment or comfort of the braces between the various types of self-ligating or regular brackets.
  • At Rix Orthodontics you will be offered self ligating brackets in either metal or tooth coloured.
  • At Rix Orthodontics we do not offer braces that are attached to the tongue side of the teeth (lingual braces). Having tried these in the past, we found that there were technical difficulties in finishing cases well and quickly with this type of braces.